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starring: OMAR 



It's so easy to avoid things we don’t want to see. Things we need to see. 

Things that could teach us a lesson in any certain way. 


We look away if a homeless person asks for money. 

We swipe left if were not interested in someone, judged by their picture. 

We wear sunglasses just so people can’t look us in the eyes. 


See how negative this unconscious behavior gets these days?

Stop wearing your sunglasses indoor. Stop staring at your mobile phone.

Better, leave it in your pocket.


Open up yourself and interact, even with strangers.

Open your eyes and see what's happening around you.


starring: COUCOU



„Ain’t it good to be on your own. Ain’t it fun you can't count on no one.“  This is actually a line of one of PARAMORE's older songs, but I think it totally matches to what I want to say with this beautiful shot. I hear people complaining about being all alone. But are you? Don’t you enjoy the company of your own self?


I think it is super important to spent time with yourself every now and then. Not only because it boosts your self love and confidence, but also to be a good company for others. People who accept their own flaws and strengths are mostly the best people to spent time with. 


So ask yourself the next time you complain about being alone, how to enjoy this time alone and the reasons why you are „alone“ in the first place.

If you do so, you’ll see what a great pleasure it is to be surrounded by no-one but yourself. 

starring: ANTHONY 



Growing up black has two sides: 


You are the black one. You are a rarity. 

The only black kid in class, at work or on any local events. 

The one with the „crazy“ hair. You get constantly reminded that you don’t belong to the „room“.

That might have had hurt you and your self-esteem in the past, but you got used to it sooner you got older.


You are the black one. You are a rarity. 

The only kid that doesn’t need sun protection.

That one friend that can wear every color. 

The one with the soft and unbreakable skin.

You get complemented for your many different talents. 

You have something they don’t. Something unique. Something what africans got. 


starring: COUCOU


„Are we allowed to do that?“ „We might don’t but let’s do it anyways!“ At some point in life, you have to behave. You have to be grown up and get your life together. But one very important lesson we should remember while entering adult life, is to never lose your inner child.


Life’s too short to take it all too seriously. Take it easy and  enjoy every minute of it. The best way to do so is to get out your comfort zone. It’s okay to be childish sometimes and act out. Be wild, be brave and courageous like a little kid. Be childish in a way of daring things.  As long as you’re not hurting any one and treat everyone and everything with respect, there really is no reason to hide your inner child 


 starring: LUKAS 

starring: ALJA


We live in a world full of rush. Everything is moving so fast. Fast cars, fast food even speed dating.

Why do we rush things? Do we really need those high speed to reach our destination?

Does the proceeded food taste better than the homemade meals?

Is it so bad to let things grow naturally, as real relationships use to do?  I do not think so. 


We live in a world where multitasking rules. We do many different things once at a time.

Stressing over many to-do-list, especially the unfinished ones.

How about doing things step by step and slow down?



starring: JUSTINE



Not the media, not any shitty guy who has hurt you in the past,

nor any stupid hater can tell you who you are, how you should behave or look like. 

You are beautiful just as you are. Even though you sometimes don’t know it yourself.  


There are good things inside you, show those things off with pride. 

Being kind, wise and beautiful is in every woman’s nature. 

Your are strong. You are a women. Noting can break you because you truly are beautiful inside and out. 

starring: DIEGO x MARCEL


Human Interaction is an essential need for every human being. 

A warm hug. A loving kiss. A divine connection. 

To satisfy this natural need there is just one simple but very important thing needed: Love. 

Love can occur throughout so many different ways and can be shared with everyone.

With your family, closest friends, your pet or even a total stranger.


When was the last time you gave someone a hug? 

Someone that is not part of your "circle". 

Did you ever gave someone a hug just because you had the feeling he/she could need one?

Why do we face physical interaction only in romantic relations nowadays? 

When did we forget to connect ourselves with people emotionally?  


Maybe the lack of human interaction really is the reason for common mental illnesses in the first world. 

The reason why so many of us feel unfulfilled and unhappy day in day out. 

Maybe we could heal this issue by connecting again. Not only on social media. 

Instead of charing our phones we should charge our souls. 

starring: My Brother. 



Everyone has a talent given by god. 

But only a few are following their gift.

While growing up, it is not always easy to stay on track. 


You need to be disciplined and motivated.


Everyone is good in something. 

But only a few are able to stay focused.

While standing under everyone’s attention, many of us tend to give up. 

You need to be calm and concentrated. 

You need to keep your head in the game. 


Just like him. 

Playing Baseball since hitting the age of four,

he already accomplished a lot of things to be proud of. 

Best Pitcher 2016  

starring: Esmeé



It seems like they are starring at you. 

Your right, she's the type of girl

that always keeps an eye on you. 

But in a positive way. 


So don't let her ever go away.

starring: Angie Raab


She discovers the dreams of tomorrow,

with the desire to escape the now.

Her eyes are filled with hope.

Her heart too strong to break.


Her horizon without an end.

starring: Diegeo Dennér


Some people do not unterstand

what art is about and get him wrong.

They judge too fast.

But he is full of wisdom.

He knows that his god given talent is a gift

and it's needed to be shared with the entire world.

To color the world up.

To teach them to think differently.

To be different. To be theirselves.